Senior House • Līgatnes Rehabilitācijas centrs

Senior House

Ltd. Rehabilitation center „Līgatne” structural unit „Senior house”, long – term social care and rehabilitation service for seniors – for people who are retired and who need short – term or regular social and medical care, it is located in rehabilitation center area and building.


At the disposal of seniors are two – room room for one person or double – bedroom room, corridor and sanitary rooms. The room equipment and arrangement correspond to the clients’ health status. In every room there is a wardrobe, individual bed, chair, cabinet for personal belongings. The client can arrange the room with his/her personal furniture before that discuss it with the room companion (if there is one). The sanitary room is equipped with bath, if it is needed – equipped with handles, bar, bath seat.


The client can bring to the senior house their own personal belongings and clothes for every season. Large – scale furniture senior does not take with him/her (except TV). Non – seasonal clothes and shoes are kept in common use room that is used only for this purpose.


The client has a chance to receive rehabilitation service (for example psychotherapist, water procedures, salt room etc.).


There is a sorted area in the territory: roads installed, sports ground. There area is suitable also for people with movement difficulties: outfitting installed, railings, ways, and lift. Entrance and the building are fitted for people who have visual disorders. In the building are two lifts that are partly suited to people with functional disorders (railings, sound and bottoms with Braille).


Documents need on arrival:


  • Client’s passport;
  • Application from the client or authorized person;
  • A special documentation form Nr. 027/u, filled by medical institution’ where
  • Patient’s medical treatment has taken place;
  • Person’s necessity for social services, rating card (if there is);
  • It is needed to hand in a copy of the disability certificate (if there is one);
  • A copy of the hospital statement (if there is);
  • Blood and urine test results, or a referral from the family doctor for its performing;
  • Chest X-ray report not older than 6 month, or a referral from the family doctor for  its performing.


! Not admitted seniors with serious mental illnesses.



64161919; 27875460

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