Tourism • Līgatnes Rehabilitācijas centrs


If you like active and interesting rest with your family and friends, feel free to visit Rehabilitation Centre Līgatne. The Centre offers a number of active recreation possibilities:

  • facilitated footpaths in the Gauja National Park
  • bicycle rental
  • bicycle tours with routes
  • Nordic walking
  • basketball, football, volleyball balls, badminton, sports ground
  • well-equipped picnic sites (bonfire place, wood, picnic accessories)
  • well-equipped camping (tents) sites


We offer comfortable hiking trails in Gauja National Park – mythological trail, Cepurkalns nature trail, and trail to Ķūķu cliffs.

For those who receive medical rehabilitation service in center “Līgatne” – Nordic walking training and sticks rental is free of charge. We offer ski and sledge rental in winter.


  • Leisure evenings
  • Pool
  • Novus
  • Darts
  • Board games: riču-raču, bingo, dominoes, puzzles, etc.
  • Library
  • Internet


Mythological trail

You will have a chance to meet different characters from Latvian mythology, as well as get to know different Latvian signs. You will also have a chance to meet swift river Gauja, enjoy the wood magic.

Nordic Walking

One of the latest leisure activity forms in Latvia Nordic Walking – walking with sticks, easy to learn in every age.

Not many leisure activities have so good influence on humans’ health as Nordic Walking in different ages. With stick you can walk everywhere – down the street, through wood pathways, by field path. A good way how to acquire Nordic Walking is to come to rehabilitation center “Līgatne” where next to other medical rehabilitation procedures; physiotherapists teach their clients how to walk using sticks correctly.

In the territory of rehabilitation center “Līgatne” there are well planned pathways where you will have a chance to walk, alone or together with friends, and get a good feeling because Nordic Walking is a kind of sport that you do as much as you feel comfortable at. During Nordic Walking 600 muscles are being employed, it is 90% of our body muscles.

Nordic Walking is a chance to start doing sport for those people who have no done it for a long time.

Nordic Walking is recommended for people who suffer from joint and back pains because Nordic Walking spares joints – they are less congested (30%) as you just walk because the full weight is not on your legs – it is divided also on your arms. Nordic Walking acquisition for every rehabilitation center “Līgatne” client – for free of charge.

Bicycle routs

Every tourist who travels by bike is kindly invited to survey Līgatnes region, rehabilitation center “Līgatne” spectacular environment and enjoy a bike ride though the forest and see the most amazing and beautiful objects as Spriņģu rock, man-maid basements, river Gauja and stream Līgatne, as well as feel the magic of the forest!


  • Līgatne, it’s surrounding. 40 km
  • Līgatne - Straupes region – Līgatne. 45 – 50 km
  • Skaļupes – Līgatne – Ķempji – Augšlīgatne – Skaļupes. 21 km
  • Skaļupes – Kārļi – Ieriķi – Ķempji – Līgatne – Skaļupes. 37 km

Bicycle rent available:

5.00 €/hour 

20.00 €/a day 

The Secret Soviet Bunker

9 meters underground people who like to rest in an interesting way continues to welcome The Secret Soviet Bunker. In 2003 the secrecy grading of this object was removed and now there is a possibility to see the place from where in the case of nuclear war the military operations will be guided.

In the territory of rehabilitation center “Līgatne”, 9 meters underground, there is a well-occupied facility with the total area of 2000 square meters. It was built in the 80th the previous century for the needs of political and state authority elite in the case of a nuclear war.

The Secret Soviet Bunker offers guided tours. Reservation before is needed.

During the guided tour there is a chance to see:

  • plans and projections in regard to what would happen if because of a war, dams of all hydropower stations were destroyed, which territories would be under water and how that would affect the largest towns;
  • conditioning equipment for air purification;
  • autonomous electrical station with diesel generators and fuel reservoirs;
  • water supply and sewerage equipment which operates in accordance with submarine principle;
  • special telecommunication unit that secured direct communication with Moscow - Kremlin and autonomous communication with the key services in the entire country;
  • canteen with a typical Soviet menu;
  • various Soviet times memorabilia, household and daily items.

During the guided tour visitors have a chance to have a meal in Soviet time canteen drink from granyonkas and eat by table, laid with wax cloth. It is available a special Soviet time menu:

  • “Barricade snacks” (sprat bread, pickled cucumber),
  • “Kolkhoz” (soup, bread, compote and rye-bread)
  • other authentic snacks and drinks.

If you have a wish to surprise friends or yourself, then a great opportunity to do it -  is to organize a party in The Bunker. For the event is offered: bunker premises for the party; a guided tour; interior decoration in Soviet style; dancing room with a record player and LPs from 70s and 80s, as well as a real banquet with belashes (rolls stuffed with meat and fried in oil), borsch, minced meat balls, compote and ….


For more information about The Secret Soviet Bunker see

Object X

Reality game for active and adventurous people who are not afraid to make a secret mission and get an adrenaline rush. The players will have to play secret agent roles, engaged in a secret mission of saving their homeland from disaster. Members (agents) take part in the game, either individually or in teams.


  • Secret agents (players) have to decrypt and find „Object X” using the clues left in the bunker buy double agents. At the moment when „Object X” has been found and delivered in safety, the mission (game) is considered as finished.


  • The Secret Soviet Bunker under the codename „Nursing Home”, which is located within the territory of Rehabilitation centre “Ligatne” 9m underground.


  • The Secret Soviet Bunker under the codename „Nursing Home”, which is located within the territory of rehabilitation center “Līgatne” 9 meters underground.



  • The secret agent role is open to anyone who has reached 12 years of age, Latvian resident or non-resident. Until the age of 12 one can participate in the game in conjunction with parents/guardians. Players with asthma, claustrophobia syndrome and severe heart disease have to inform the game managers on their health status.


  • Meeting place – Skaļupes, in rehabilitation center Līgatne facility near the administrator. As soon as the agent has been registered, the game begins! The legend to undertake the task and further instructions agents receive during the game.


  • Despite the threats of diversion, the secret part of the Soviet army which codename is „Eighth management” continues to make secret science researches and intends to take unknown experiments. The secret object „Object X” is lost – alert is announced.


  • Group game in Latvian  – 22.00 €/per person  (min 15 people) if the group is less than 15 people – 330.00 €/game
  • Group game in Latvian, Russian for PUPIL – 19.00 €/per person (min 15 people) if the group is less than 15 people – 285.00 €/game
  • Group game in English, Russian – 27.00 €/per person  (min 15 people) if the group is less than 15 people – 405.00 €/game