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Privacy policy

Processing of personal data in Ltd. “Rehabilitation center “Līgatne””

Ltd. “Rehabilitation center “Līgatne”” adopts that before submission of personal data you have got acquainted with this announcement and have accepted the processing of your personal data.

Ltd. “Rehabilitation center “Līgatne”” (further in text – Center) personal data is collected, stored and deleted according to the implementation of legal interests, the fulfillment of the obligation laid down in regulatory enactments, the fulfillment of the obligations in contracts, the provision of public information, the provision of statistic data and market research as well as the transfer of data for the purposes of the processing of the data, ensuring that the requirements of European Union and national regulatory enactments are complied with in the processing of data.

The Center processes personal data according to confidential requirements and taking care of the safety of the personal data through various security measures to prevent unauthorized access to the data, disclosure or use of other non-compliant personal data. Our institution ensures proper processing, storage and integrity of the information with an appropriate level of security. According to this, we use appropriate physical, technical and administrative procedures and means to protect our collected and processed personal data information. Realized security measures are regularly developed according to the safety requirements.

You have the right to recall your acceptance for collection, processing and use of your personal data. The Center will assess your requirements according to the legal interests. If personal data is no longer required for the predetermined processing purposes, they will be deleted.

The Center is responsible and processes personal data with means to prevent abuse, unauthorized detection, and alteration of the data.

The following personal data in electronic and paper form is available for further information processing at the Centre’s disposal:

  • general contact – information (data subjects: employees, hotel clients, clients, tourists, cooperative partners, client contacts: data categories: name, surname, address, telephone number and e-mail address);
  • identification data (data subjects: employees, hotel clients, clients: data category: name, surname, personal code, year of birth, gender);
  • personal sensitive data (data subjects: employees, clients, “Senior house” clients, data categories: persona health data);
  • service data (data subjects: hotel clients, clients, tourists: data categories: name of the service, sum of money, contract number);
  • photos, video and voice records, that are being taken in the Center or in outdoor public measures (data subjects: employees, hotel clients, clients, “Senior house” clients, tourists, event visitors: data categories: photo, video and voice);
  • information about the education, work experience, current employment, posts, professional activity, interests, birthday, age, gender and other personal identification data (data subjects: employees, applicants to vacancy: data categories: name, surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address, education, current employment, professional activity, birth facts, age, gender, and other data submitted by a person by choice);
  • websites use cookies that allow us to explore anonymous information about visitor activities, page views, sources, and time spent on the site. We get this information to improve the convenience of visitors to the website to ensure that you receive the best service (data subjects: website visitors: data categories: age, gender, time spent on the page).

The protection of personal data is implemented with data encryption features, firewall protection, and other data network security detection solutions.

The personal data is stored in the institution as long as necessary for the purposes for which they were obtained. Employees who have access to personal data are trained to operate appropriately and in accordance with the regulatory data security framework of our institution.

If you visit the Centre, participate in the measures taken by our institution and do not want you to take pictures or films, please inform us in advance by the person responsible for the event.

If you have any questions or claims about personal data processing and protection in Ltd. “Rehabilitation center “Līgatne””, inform us about it either by writing an e-mail to the address where your given information will be registered and assessed, or write to an e-mail