For your mommy, granny • Līgatnes Rehabilitācijas centrs

For your mommy, granny

Program type Medical relaxation program for ladies
Program duration 3 days (2 nights) for 1 person
Program content:
  • Rehabilitator physician consultation, rehabilitation plan specification and supervision by a physician during the course of rehabilitation
  • Physiotherapist initial consultation and rehabilitation plan specification (30 min.)
  • Therapeutic exercise in a group (30 min.) 2x
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Neck or sacrum massages (20 min.) 3x
  • Mud or clay applications  3 x
  • Baths for hands / feet or foam bath 2x
  • Haloteraphy (salt room)
  • Herbal tea from Līgatne 2 x
Offer price: 316.50 €
Offer includes:
  • Accommodation in a authentic double bedroom room (breakfast)*
  • Lunch and dinner
! Upon checking in rehabilitation center “Līgatne” the clients have to make a partial payment for the duration of their stay, paying the EUR 300.00 or if the estimated amount is less than this, then 100%.

Procedures that are included in the special offer cannot be replaced by other procedures.

For reservation call +371 64161917, +371 64161915

You must check in till 12.00, check out till 20.00.

*Client can choose accommodation in a more comfortable room – the difference must be paid in addition.