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Bone-joint problems

Program type Medical rehabilitation program
Program duration 6 days (5 nights) for 1 person
Aim of the program:
  • To reduce pain, improve joint movement rate and muscle strength, pace
  • Improve the quality of life
For which patients :
  • People with arthrosis, arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis
  • People after joint replacement in the after surgery period
  • People whose lifestyle is inactive, stiff joints,” frozen shoulder”
  • People who have ligament, tendon injuries, prolonged pain
Program composition:
  • Rehabilitator physician consultation, rehabilitation plan specification and supervision by a physician during the course of rehabilitation
  • Physiotherapist initial consultation and rehabilitation plan specification (30 min.)
  • Therapeutic exercises in a group (30 min.) 3x
  • Dosed load on an exercise bike or kinesiology taping or Nordic Walking 2x
  • Neck or sacrum or foot/shin or palm/forearm massages ( 20 min.) 2x
  • Physical therapy procedures 4x
  • Mud applications (2 spots) 5x
  • Foot or hand baths with essential oils or bath with sea salt 3x
  • Healthy tea for joints – thermos 3x
Offer price: 508.00 €
Offer includes:
  • Accommodation in a authentic quadruple two-room bedroom  (breakfast)*
  • Lunch and dinner
!Upon checking in rehabilitation center “Līgatne” the clients have to make a partial payment for the duration of their stay, paying the EUR 350.00 or if the estimated amount is less than this, then 100%.

For an extra cost we offer daily medical supervision and care, water procedures, massages etc. services.

Procedures that are included in the special offer cannot be replaced by other procedures.

For reservation call +371 64161917, +371 64161915

You must check in till 12.00, check out till 20.00.

*Client can choose accommodation in a more comfortable room – the difference must be paid in addition.