SPA • Līgatnes Rehabilitācijas centrs


SPA – is an abbreviation of Latin “Sanus per Aquam” or “health through water”. This concept is known from ancient Roman times, when thermal waters and thermal baths were used to treat diseases.

In modern sense SPA is a whole recovery complex, that offers a large choice of procedures, to preserve beauty, get well and relax the body. SPA is a whole philosophy, a new world of senses, which gives beauty to the body and soul.

Rehabilitation leisure programs for everyone Duration of the program Price € Offer price €
Love you! I love myself! 2 days (1 night) 2 persons 175.00
Relax and recharge 3 days (2 nights) 1 person 161.00
Charge before or after any festivity 2 days (1 night) 2 persons 149.00
3 holidays with a bath ritual 3 days (2 nights) 1 person 283.00
Pamper yourself 2 days (1 night) 1 person 121.00
A dream for two 2 days (1 night) 2 persons 403.00 342.55 (01.02.2024.-31.03.2024.)

Classical massage

One of the psychical therapy procedures that includes different massage methods (techniques) – stroking, rubbing, kneading, vibration. Its effect is many-sided, it depends on the used methods and performance features. This massage improves nerve system activity, muscles strength, activates metabolism and tissue supply with blood. Massage can real and release, as well as tone up and stimulate.


Leilani massage

Relaxing massage ritual that includes different massage techniques: Tasian, Shiatsu, Hawaiian Lomi – Lomi and other. During the procedure this complex ensures harmonious, balanced touch diversity because the whole body is being massaged. It is stated with toes and finished with a head massage. As a result the client feels whole body relaxation and good mood.


Hot stones massage

This massage give a deep therapeutic effect – frees (releases) from stress, improves metabolism – removes from the body shill, it is beneficial on cardiovascular, digestion, hormonal and muscle system. Putting the stones on the skin, thanks to tissue heat management, warmth gets till the deepest muscles and joints. To improve vegetative nerve system, between toes and fingers, on the feet stones are being put because in palms and feet are many receptors that let the warm energy lead and get throughout the whole body. The longer is this procedure, the deeper and more therapeutic is the result of the massage, so the length of it is up to two hours.


Face relaxing massage

It has a good effect on face skin elasticity and turgor, decreases and destroys wrinkles. After this massage improves face skin condition and looks.


Sculpuring massage

Scientific developed method for emphasized effect on subcutaneous fat layer and muscle tissues, confirmed in 2001 in St. Petersburg. It is an alternative for plastic surgery because in a natural way reduces fat layer tissue amount or increases muscle mass in specific body places, it does not damage skin, it is not harmful for smoothness and elasticity.


Honey massage

It improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. The process can be a little bit painful. The result of the honey massage is surprising – the body discharge toxins, the skin gets silky and elastic, improves blood supply, extra weight gets lost, and strengthens nerve system. The skin gets active feeding and the ability to self-smooth out. Immunity will rise. It improves metabolism, decreases under skin fat layer in problematic areas, as well as excess fluid will not stay in the body, will not form swelling. During the massage accelerates blood circulation in the skin, under skin layer and muscles, fat will be scaled.