Publicly funded medicine • Līgatnes Rehabilitācijas centrs

Publicly funded medicine


State paid rehabilitation program within the financial capacity (quotas)

A referral from a doctor or specialist is necessary.

For the entrance you need
  • advanced application
  • a special filled form (Nr. 027/u) from physical and rehabilitation specialist or rehabilitator
The National Health Service pays for

medical rehabilitation service for basic-diagnosis treatment in a multi-professional team (including 3 function methods, physical and rehabilitation nurses) basic or intensive rehabilitation course type:


  • specialist consultation and daily medical supervision and care;
  • initial psychotherapist consultation and exercises (exercises in the swimming pool included);
  • speech therapist consultation and classes;
  • initial ergotherapist consultation and classes;
  • psychologist consultation and classes or art therapist consultation and classes or physical and rehabilitation nurses (patient education, physical procedures, hydrotherapy procedures as well as clay, mud applications (price depends on the number of areas);
  • laboratory examinations according to the assignment of a specialist.
Patient pays for
  • State-specific patient contribution Euro 7.00 for every working day at day hospital (except people who are exempted from it according to the laws and regulations, including poor people).
  • Catering expenses according to the price list.
  • Day-to-day accommodation expenses (children under 12 years 70%, children under 2 years – for free). Patients who stay at day hospital during the day do not pay for the accommodation.
  • Accommodation costs for rooms Nr. 403-410 is Euro 18.70 (breakfast included) for every working day.
  • Medical service according to the price list.
  • Medical supervision and care: 50% from the doctor set daily medical supervision and care level cost, starting from the second level.
  • Personal hygiene belongings (diapers, pampers).
  • Analyses check out (except children under 18 years and pregnant woman).

*poor people who are acknowledged to be according to the regulatory enactments. Entering the center show the notice.

The companion of the patient pays for
  • Catering and day-to-day accommodation costs according to the price list.


State paid rehabilitation program within the financial capacity (quotas)
(same as day hospital) and for a fee according to price list of the Centre.

The National Health Service pays for
  • Rehabilitator physician medical consultation, including patient visit at home.
  • Initial physiotherapist consultation and exercises (including classes in the swimming pool).
  • Ergotherapist consultation and exercises.
  • Speech therapist consultation and exercises.
  • Laboratory examination according to the specialist referral.
  • Physical therapy services for children under 18 years.
  • Doctor’s confinement where rehabilitation plans are set for people who are ill for a long term and are in their working ages.
Patient pays for
  • State-specific patient contribution Euro 4.00 for every ambulatory doctor visit.
  • Medical service according to the price list.
  • Laboratory examination (except children under 18 years and pregnant woman).


State paid rehabilitation program within the financial capacity (quotas)

Patient needs
  • A referral from physical rehabilitation doctor.
The National Health Service pays for
  • One specialist classes a day (physiotherapist, ergotherapist or speech therapist) and specialist travel expenses (till 50 km).
  • Physical rehabilitation doctor consultation at home (till 50 km).
Service area
  • Līgatnes municipality
Patient pays for
  • Specialist travel expenses to the place of patients residence that is further than 50 km according to the price list;
  • Medical service according to the price list.


Family doctor consultative phone number: 66016001

Free of charge informative phone number: 80001234



Information about The National Health Service agreement you can get at

Rehabilitation center “Līgatne”.

Head of the office Kaspars Pundurs, telephone number 64161911


Rehabilitation center „Līgatne” has cooperation agreements with two insurance companies: AS BALTA, AAS Gjenisidige Baltic (in-patient rehabilitation), Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE, as well as AS Seesam insurance Latvian branch.

Depending on insurance type, separate medical rehabilitation services prepay other insurance companies (for the information clients need to address the agents of their companies).

Rehabilitation services prepayment is possible for in-patient rehabilitation, for patient contribution, as well as for outpatient rehabilitation.

* planned amount of funds for the laboratory examinations with a specialists’ referral  in 2018 is Euro 150.00 Specialists send the patient for laboratory examinations in the framework of that amount of money. For the extra amount of money specialists can send to the laboratory examination these people:

  • European Union, European Economic zone member state or Switzerland Confederation people exposed to the collateral social system who show Europe insurance card or a copy of it replacement certificate and are not registered in health Care Services Register;
  • Citizens of Ukraine who receive emergency aid;
  • People who receive Rule Nr. 1529 appendix 1 point3 and appendix 7 mentioned service.

Information about the secondary ambulatory medical care service and payment agreement Nr. 1-1964-2016 patient can get at the office manager Kaspars Pundurs  – phone number: 64161911 or by e-mail: